I'm an Advanced Skills Teacher of Mathematics at St Marylebone High School in London.  Part of my job is to support other maths teachers in Westminster and you'll find links to some of my favourite resources on the pages below.

The blackboard on the right has my current favourite links to maths-related material.

If you're looking for something a bit more outlandish, you might find it worth taking a look at the 'Other' page.  Before qualifying as a teacher in 1995, I spent 10 years writing for the theatre and TV and some of the material I created during that period is available to view there.

Most recently I've been combining my educational and theatrical interests to develop new ways of teaching maths.  So far I've created several projects, the most established being The Maths Circus which uses well-known theatre techniques to reinforce basic number skills among low-attainers.  It has been successfully used at schools in and out of London with pupils from Year 3 to Year 7.  Other projects have used Scottish Country Dancing to introduce the demanding, post A-level topic of of group theory and home-made catapaults to re-enact Archimedes successful defence of Syracuse when it was attacked by Rome in 212BC.  All this and more on the 'Other' page.

Secondary Resources

If you are in Mr McIvor's Year 8 maths set the homework sheet for this weekend can be found on:

This page


If you're an NQT there are certain resources you should be aware of:

CIMT: Centre for Innovation in Maths Teaching, brilliant free resources here, huge amounts of print and some outstanding interactive resources for KS3/4 including entire textbooks

ONLINE GCSE TESTS: more excellent material for pupils to use from CIMT

KENNY'S POUCH: a brilliant free section of the pay-site Kangaroo Maths, particularly good for KS3 and KS4 revision material

RISPS: a collection of A-level Pure Maths investigations



Primary Resources


Multiplying Decimals     Dividing Decimals    Multiplication problems      Division problems  

Calculating with Whole Numbers and Decimals     Problem Solving with Whole Numbers and Decimals

Fractions of Numbers        Percentages of Numbers

Area and Perimeter


Reflection and Rotation Game

Many primary schools use the QCA unit plans.  Like me, many teachers find these rather baffling.  Here are links to some more straightforward learning grids, fully referenced to the  A1/2/3 B1/2/3... units.  Everyone I've passed them on to so far has been relieved to find something  that makes some kind of intuitive sense.

There is one file for each attainment area:

Number and Algebra       Shape, Space and Measure        Data Handling 

This area of the site is still under construction


Multiplying and Dividing by 10: a brilliant visual demonstration using a truck going up and down a hill

Cockroach blaster: fabulous straight line graph game

NLVM: possibly the best range of free interactive maths demos on the web

Self-marking online worksheets: covers nearly all basic skills, outstanding

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